Let's simplify the World

So that we have more time for the things we really love

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Some words about me

I love simplifying complex processes. Using some code, I help people to focus on the important stuff.

  • Vision - Imagine a world, in which we only do what we love
  • Mission - I deliver simplicity, uniqueness and quality
  • Skills - Delivering solutions

Some of my technologies

I provide software-solutions based on different technologies. Some of them are listed below. See why I like them.

Take a look at my skills

I love creating new awesome products. Every time a app is rolled out and does what it's designed for fulfilles me.
Here are few of my competencies to reduce complexity with software engineering. More Details.

Software Architecture

Software Development is like building a house . I ensure it's carefully planned, so the software can meet the requirements in time and budget.

Software Development

I like to convert my planned architecture into real value. That means writing all the sourcecode, document it, set up CI & CD, test it and fix the bugs.

Machine Learning

Some specific problems can't be solved with normal programming skills. In this case I like to use artificial intelligence.

Product Ownership

Accompany your child (the application) all the way from requirements engineering to release and maintenance.

Explore my projects

Some of my latest Projects. I try to keep these up to date. So come back soon.

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Contact Information

Name: Florian Auer

Tel.: +49 (0) 170 4686916

Mail: info@auerflorian.com